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We are all interconnected!

You can also be part of this amazing

community by spending time, sharing, learning and connecting with this most amazing community!


Naming Ceremony:


You can also be part of a naming ceremony, with many dancers and singers and a lot of drumming. 

"We shook all of the chiefs’ hands and took part in a naming ceremony, where we were given a name depending on what day of the week we were born on. We each went up, and they ended up giving each of us a small pot and a colorful beaded bracelet, then we all responded by giving them several boxes of school supplies which they greatly appreciated. The people were unbelievably welcoming, and told us over and over that they wanted us to come back and visit them. After the naming ceremony, a little girl gave us some pastries that she was carrying in a box on top of her head, and we all split up to do different activities. I went to learn how to make Kente cloth, which is made from an intricate loom. I tried for a bit, it was very difficult. Some people did pottery, and others went fishing, in long canoes with nets. All of us and all of the villagers (about 100 people in total) ended up down by the river after a couple hours of wandering around, cheering for the people in the boats and talking to each other. There were goats and sheep too. We ended our stay there with a big dance, and they still played music as we left on the bus." Ben.

Camping at the Village
Learning Service Opportunity
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